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       You are ready to build a new house or renovate an old one, and as your plans begin to take shape you consider the importance of heating. Everyone would like to live in a well heated home and so you will need good radiators. No interior will be left in the cold thanks to Veha radiators.

       Veha panel radiators and towel warmers last a lifetime and have an excellent price to quality ratio. The unique hanging bracket system makes them easy and quick to install. If you mail, email, or fax us a drawing of your project, showing R-values and window sizes, we can do a room by room heat loss calculation at no charge to help you
determine which radiators you need.

       Veha radiators, in contrast to baseboard units, are much more attractive and provide more flexibility of location. Unlike baseboard, Veha radiators are true radiant panels, emitting 50% of their output as radiant energy. Baseboard heaters actually produce only a small percentage of radiant energy and primarily heat the air. Some large rooms with lots of window area can't be adaquately heated by conventional baseboard units. Veha radiators are available to heat any space, and do it with European styling.

Wood Fired Boilers

Introducing our new line of Wood Fired Boilers. JÄSPI ECONATURE wood fuel boiler. The boiler has a significantly higher efficiency than traditional wood-fired boilers. A ceramic fire bar and an afterburner provide an actually high combustion temperature. High temperature combustion is cleaner and provides minimum tar and soot emission and highly effective use of firewood energy. For more information >>

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