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ECONATURE Wood Fired Boilers

JÄSPI ECONATURE has been developed for a highly efficient, clean combustion process. The combustion process is controlled through the ceramic fire bar by an induced-draft fan which ensures the best possible, equal draft during the whole burning process. The high combustion efficiency and temperature considerably reduce firewood consumption, as well as heating and cleaning efforts. The clean combustion and the obtained environmental certificate also make it possible to use the boiler in high density areas.

The JÄSPI ECONATURE furnace is designed for 20" firewood. The combustion time varies from two to two and a half hours depending on firewood quality and furnace filling. Once the firewood is burnt down, the automatic furnace control stops the exhaust fan so that you do not have to visit the boiler room after the last filling. The boiler is always connected to an energy accumulator. The boiler's pump thermostat controls the charging unit connected to it between the boiler and the accumulator, which confirms the sufficiently high temperature of boiler return water.

These gasification boilers are rated at 136,000 BTU’s, accept 20” wood, and operate at 85% efficiency with extremely low emissions. We offer these as a complete set up including an insulated 475 gallon heat storage tank with domestic hot water coils and all accessories for ten thousand dollars.

You may visit the manufacturer's website www.kaukora.fi
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