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Veha panel radiators, with a rounded upper edge, are formed from a single piece of high quality cold rolled steel with a nominal thickness of 1.25 mm. (DIN 1623/1541)
Standard Range
The standard range of Veha radiators comprises of 6 different types (6 measurements in height and 16 in length) and is therefore calculated to practically any situation in newly built as well as renovated houses.
Compact Radiators
Veha compact radiators are supplied with side panels and decorative grills.
Heat output
The heat output of Veha radiators has been measured in compliance with the official NBN - DIN - ISO - NF - BS standard.
Veha radiators are first protected with cardboard over the whole length of the top as well as the bottom. The entire radiator is then shrink wrapped, thus ensuring effective protection during shipping.
Pressure Test
All Veha Radiators are tested at a pressure of 120 psi for use at a maximum of 90 psi.

Technical Design
Veha radiators are fitted with 4 1/2" connections and hanging brackets welded to the rear. They are supplied with specialty adapted synthetic hangers.
Veha radiators have been completely pre-treated against rust. (Degreased passivated and phosphorylated). After being dipped in a base coat (enamelled at 170 degrees C) the radiators are treated with Veha-white (similar to RAL 9010) epoxy polyester powder (enamelled at 200 degrees C).
And Finally...
The Veha factory complies with the extremely strict ISO 9002 - EN 29002 quality standard.
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