Veha Panel Radiators

Veha has over 50 years of experience and reliable service; the first panel radiator in the world was a Veha. The Veha panel radiator is extremely easy to clean and is extremely safe due to the unique styling of its rounded upper edge.
Quality is however a primary concern, each radiator is individually tested before it leaves our factory. The Veha compact radiator with decorative grill also has a rounded bottom edge, further improving its aesthetic appeal. A Veha radiator would compliment any surrounding whilst remaining discrete by using an invisible hanging system.

Safety First and Foremost
Veha panel radiators have a rounded upper edge. This means that they are safe under all circumstances.

Durable and Strong
Veha panel radiators are manufactured to stand the test of time. Each radiator is double enamel treated by both dipping and spraying with epoxy powder.

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